My online gallery of art offers a wide range of my original paintings of diverse themes. All of the works are painted with strict adherence to painting craftsmanship and are based on detailed knowledge of the techniques of easel painting. Only premium quality materials are used for the creation of the paintings, which ensures their utmost durability and uniqueness of colours.

The paintings are painted in the oil and wax technique. I use the wax medium which I prepare myself on the basis of the traditional recipe. As a result, each of the paintings has a velvety and matte texture and its surface, even in the case of large formats, presents itself attractively under all lighting conditions, due to the fact that it does not reflect light. I solely use linen as the material for my canvases. I prime my canvases myself with medium-thick oil gesso coatings, also prepared in accordance with a traditional recipe.

I offer the option of sending my paintings to clients all over the world. I am more than convinced that they will look beautiful in any interior. They will add a unique touch to any space, endowing it with an inimitably artistic and simultaneously exclusive character. Moreover, the painting you will buy will have a significant value to collectors.

In response to a substantial interest in the original reproductions of my paintings, there is now an option to order a reproduction of any painting of my authorship in the dimensions customized to individual needs. The reproductions of my paintings are printed on a high quality printable fabric. Each reproduction is hand signed by me on the reverse of the canvas.

All questions regarding the order should be referred to the following email address:

Curator – Prof. Jan Wiktor Sienkiewicz

Author – Robert Bluj, Fine Art PhD